We believe that tea is a powerful remedy for both body and mind in a world increasingly driven by speed, change and technology. Our aim is to draw on the simple pleasure of making tea as a grounding ritual that elevates everyday living.

Bonnie and Chris first became intrigued with tea and its rich heritage after travelling to Japan. They soon realised that Western tea culture, although not lacking in vibrancy, had on many occasions underestimated what true tea is and the holistic health benefits it can provide to your everyday life.

Inspired by the experiences of this journey, the concept of Parlor Tea began. Led by an appreciation for slow living, mindfulness and unassuming beauty, the Melbourne based brand curates a collection of green tea aimed to suit both the newcomer and seasoned connoisseur.

Each blend has been crafted from organic green tea varieties sourced directly by the founders, ensuring the supply chain is as short and transparent as possible. By uniting leading research and innovation with the historic art of tea production and brewing, Parlor Tea takes delight in creating a remarkable sensory experience.

Through the exceptional flavour and quality of its ingredients through to the soulful touch of the craftspeople the brand works with, there is a love and care in every part of the Parlor Tea experience that defines a pure, honest and socially conscious luxury.